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Software and Hardware Architectures for Autonomous, Adaptative and Cyberphysical Systems

This conference is aimed at addressing all important aspects of robot, autonomous and cyberphysical control architectures. It brings together researchers and practitioners from universities, institutions and industries, working in this field. It intends to be a meeting to expose and discuss gathered expertise, identified trends and issues, as well as new scientific results and applications around control architectures related topics, through plenary invited speakers.

SHARC2018 is co-sponsored by the working group Robot Control Architecture of the GdR ROBOTIQUE and the cross-disciplinary action ALROB (between the CNRS "Groupements de Recherche" GPL and ROB). For the first time, this conference is hosted by Naval Group business unit of Saint-Tropez.

The 2018 SHARC Conference - scheduled on June 13th and 14th - is organized by Naval Group and will take place at the Underwater Business Unit in Saint-Tropez (see access plan).

This year, topics related to the following questions are especially appreciated:
How do software and hardware architectures bring support for autonomous capabilities of robots systems ?
Indeed, as Humans are fading out from the supervision loop on the one hand and as the robotic missions are becoming ever more complex on the other hand, this implies growing needs for robustness and adaptation capabilities, shifting these systems from an automatic to an autonomic paradigm.

Proposals on these topics are very welcome, for instance:
- programming and execution of autonomous missions
- multi robot autonomous missions, plan sharing, coordinated reconfiguration
- definition and management of autonomy levels, adaptive autonomy, restriction of autonomy
- human supervision of autonomous systems, specifically in long endurance missions and unknown or uncertain environment
- fault-tolerant, performances driven , self-adaptive robotic systems
- integration of machine learning algorithms in control architectures
- management of guarantees and constraints of robotic mission execution, confidence of mission execution particularly for robots with decision-making capabilities

Other topics of interest include but are not limited to:
- concurrency and distribution in control architectures, robotic middlewares, networked robotics systems, cloud robotics
- models, languages, methodologies and tools for the design/development/integration/test/deployment of complex robot control architectures.
- verification & validation, simulation and tests of complex robotic systems
- management of real-time deterministic execution of robotic software
- management of non functional aspects of robotic systems, robot software and hardware co-design
- standardization and reuse of robot software and/or hardware
- state of the art engineering practices in robotics
- security of robots, cyber threat safe systems



Important dates

Paper submission :
May 31th 2018

Paper Acceptation Notification:
May 31th 2018

Camera ready due:
June 7th 2018

DEADLINE for registration : June 8 ! 

June 13th & 14th 2018

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